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130,000 Electric Heat Customers
Moved up to OIL!

The numbers speak for themselves. In the past five years, fuel oil dealers report that more than 130,000 home owners chose to Move up to Oil from costly, uncomfortable electric heat.

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Mailing Address - P.O. Box 298 Port Crane NY 13833
Street Address - 112 RT 369 Port Crane NY
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Mailing Address - P.O. Box 277   New Milford PA 18834
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Payment Opions

1. C.O.D. - All customers are Cash on Delivery unless they have an approved credit application on file or a credit on their account substantial enough to cover product or service.
2. Charge Account - An approved credit application is on file. If delivery is paid for in ten days, the cash price discount is given. A finance charge is added after thirty days. Also, one delivery must be paid for before another can be made.
3. Credit Card On File - Customers may want to keep a visa or mastercard number on file in our office to be used for every delivery. It is not necessary to submit a credit application to pay this way and you still have the convenience of a charge account with the savings of the cash price.
4. Budget Account - An approved credit application is on file. We base the monthly budget payment on the previous years' usage. There are twelve monthly payments beginning on July 1. This is only an estimate of your usage and can be affected by weather or fuel prices. When your payments are completed in June, you may have a balance owing or a credit on you account. Balances owing must be paid before the new budget is figured. Credits left can be used toward the new budget if you desire.
5. Price Protection - Most years some type of price protection is offered. Different plans my be offered from year to year, and they protect from market price fluctuations. It is suggested that you check in early July to see plans offered for the current year.




Consumption Facts





Out of 107 million US households, 8.1 million use heating oil to heat their homes.*  
6.3 million households or roughly 78 percent of oil heat homes are located in the Northeast region of the country

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